Rimini cycling!

"A bike ride helps clear the mind and also is very good for keeping a healthy life"

Bicycle rental at the hotel


Starting from this year bicycle hire is available for our guests The cost of bike hire is € 7,00 a day.

What could be a better way to visit our beautiful town in total relaxation, without the issue of finding a parking space?

With the 17 km asphalted cycling path which runs along flat land, going from Rimini to Portoverde, even the laziest people/types can enjoy beautiful excursions in total safety and with minimum effort!

For instance, you can reach the tourist Port in Rimini in about half an hour pedalling in all tranquillity along the cycling path which runs alongside the beach. Once you have reached your destination, you can enjoy the pleasant sight of fishermen chatting in the dialect of Romagna and the enchanting sound of waves breaking over the rocks while breathing in the fragrance of the SEA.

Pedalling early in the morning, before the sunshine gets too hot, will recharge you filling you with positive energy lasting a whole day !