San Leo

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San Leo, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy!

San Leo stands on a cliff, 600 metres above sea level and the panorama of the surrounding countryside that the town offers is truly spectacular: woods, rocky peaks, gorges, fortresses, rural houses. The 17th-century old town center is well preserved and the town boasts important and unique religious buildings that make San Leo a real "art city".

In the fortress there are two distinct parts: the keep, with its square turrets and the gothic entrance is the older part and residential wing; and the more recent round towers and massive corbeled wall that connects them. The two towers, the wall, and the keep surround the so-called Place d'Armes. The area is dotted with rocky peaks that rise steeply from the sea cliffs. On each of these peaks, the ruins of a castle or fort recall a tumultuous past. To the visitor who walks up the Romagna plain, the City-Fortress appears as a huge shield of high smooth rock. It appears like a ship with the bow to the East, the bell tower like a mast, and the handful of houses scattered around.

San Leo is worth visiting, especially for the panorama it offers; From Fort the view is wonderful, the surrounding mountains with wild nature to the sea. From Mount San Severino it is also possible to take off paragliding to enjoy the natural beauty of our land.